I’m really just a wine consumer like you…. Cheers! Please try some if you dare and let me know what you think. Very delicious and I’m a fan!! Apothic Dark is a smooth drinking wine with a cottony mouthfeel. We described it as silk and satin. SEE BOTTOM OF REVIEW FOR A 2019 RELEASE UPDATE According to … For this review of Apothic Dark, tasting assistance was …, Continue Reading about Apothic Dark Wine Review →, From Sonoma County, California,  Mark West Pinot Noir is one of the most well known Pinot Noir wines out there. The second cheese was also a goat cheese. Overview. The rich, round and complex Chardonnay leads the blend, adding bright notes of pear and vanilla. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Apothic Dark Side California Red Wine Mixed Pack, 6 x 750mL at Amazon.com. I did not like this wine. Seen a lot looking for it I just bought it due to Halloween and the liking of the bottle even more happy now that it sounds good and is rare? I would not pay $2 for it at the LCBO. Enjoying a 2013 bottle with steak this evening. 1:29. I bought a whole case! I found it at my local gas station (Maverick) next to the motor oil and de-icer for $10. Look for anything that might hint as to how sweet the wine might taste. 750 ML / 15.9 % ABV Winemaker Notes. For further information on our Apothic Wines. Apothic Dark is out for a limited time. In 2010, Apothic Wines entered California’s wine market to make a bold statement. Word of mouth usually steers you in the right direction. A different “blend” that’s not sweet at all (or at least not in my opinion) are the Super Tuscans from Italy. Hope that helps a little… Cheers! Cheers! A QUESTION. Apothic Inferno: http://www.apothic.com/wines/inferno Follow me: https://twitter.com/Kimmiedeeday Brave enough to denote these bold flavours, Apothic expertly delivers perfectly rounded wines. Apothic Red is my family’s go-to for drinking, dinners, and gifts. Thanks for the comment Rick. No longer available in Virginia. All the more for those of Us that love it! Drinking a second bottle here in sunny and sticky Singapore. Skip to content. In case any one near San Pedro Ca. Plenty in stock(for the moment anyway) in S.E. From Livermore, CA the 2011 Cupcake Red Velvet is a blend of red varietals with a …, Continue Reading about Cupcake Red Velvet Wine →, From Modesto, California, Apothic Dark is a red wine blend from Apothic Wines. It has almost a faint nose but the maker of this 2013 has talent. In this case, I’ll be trying it with a couple hours of fridge time and trying it at different temps over time to see where I like it. Learn about the origin of the Apothic name, Apothic’s approach to winemaking, and the flavors of its flagship Apothic Red wine. Really great stuff if you like your red wine to stand on its own and stand up to anything. The sweetness? I’m not a fan of vanilla, but I do love this wine. Serve it over ice cream, but not a serious offering for those who like good reds. Cheers! I might reevaluate that position. Weinkompetenz seit 2003 - über 3000 Weine aus aller Welt - natürlich vom Fachhändler! Apothic Dark is back! Everyone has their preference, but Apothic is a great wine that should appeal to a broad spectrum of red wine aficionados. A Red wine from California, United States. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Tesco is the UK’s largest supermarket - with more than 3,400 stores across the country. I just like to try new wines. I too love full bodied wine, but this wine did not appeal to me at all. Cheers! I happened to try Apothic Red nearly 6 months ago when I hosted an evening with friends. It’s like a flavor explosion, honestly..not too many wines strike me that way. I discovered this wine over the Christmas holidays and this is my new flavor!! Apothic has a contact form on their site: http://www.apothic.com/contact.asp. I just tried the Dark Horse (DH) Big Red Blend last night (Trader Joe’s for $7.99/bottle) on the advice of a wine expert who told me Apothic wines come from the same winery as Dark Horse. This is my favorite wine! Lucky you! I agree – wicked smooth is an accurate description. Oh, by the way, I also carry a bottle of it in my backpack when I hike our beautiful desert mountains. I was just at Busch Gardens in Tampa Fl last weekend and I was told I was the first person to actually try this wine at their Howl OScream event. 4.1 129 Ratings. Apothic Red Wine Review A blend of four different grapes makes Apothic Red wine an interesting wine to review and drink. Of course, they have lost a loyal customer. I have never been much a wine person, however needed a bottle of wine for dinner tonight and a customer at a local store directed me to this wine and said I couldnt go wrong. Trader Joe's Wine Reviewer - Apothic Red 2017 - Vine Trader vlog Ep. Love it! Thank you!! Sorry folks…  it doesn’t look good. A co-worker and I have already bought a case each and based on this info, we may just go get another one! It’s looking more and more like Apothic Dark is no longer just a seasonal release. We expected the Apothic Dark to get washed out and “dried out”. “My favorite red wine is the Apothic Red blend so I decided to give this a try.” in reviews “It tastes mostly like pinot grigio but a little bit more on the sweet side.” in reviews “It's just the right amount of sweet where you don't feel like you're drinking a dessert wine, but you can really enjoy it.” in reviews I’ve yet to find what the varietal composition is. Our Apothic® Dark was bottled as a limited edition, seasonal item that we may possibly produce again in future years, but for now, there are no plans to bottle any more. Bought six bottles to take back to Washington. And selling out quickly here in NJ. I find this wine to be similar to Primal Roots. I love a treat ♥ What a mix this is……I feel the sweetness first…………..OK by me. "Whether it's one of drama, intrigue or romance, the wines of Apothic are truly original." Maybe try both? Now, with that said, I went ahead and contacted Apothic about Apothic Dark and when it might be released again. That’s going to make a lot of people happy. She said she and all her friends are hooked on it. It was quite interesting ! Every now and then I’ll buy a wine for the same reason. When tipping the glass to allow the wine to coat and create legs, the wine leaves a solid reddish coating on the glass. Apothic Crush Wine Review Apothic Crush wine is a red blend that comes from Modesto, California, USA. Hi Joann, thanks for checking out my site! Apothic Wines have been part of California’s wine scene for less than 10 years, but since its 2010 debut, Apothic has managed to make a name for itself. Apothic Crush Red Blend is a decadent red wine blend with medium tannins and a velvety smooth finish. Thanks Michelle. It’s rumored to again be in limited supplies. Just read your review of Apothic Dark. According to the winemaker’s web site, Apothic Red “reveals intense fruit aromas and flavors of rhubarb and black cherry, complemented by hints of mocha, chocolate, brown spice and vanilla.”  We didn’t pick up on all those aromas but the nose was enjoyable nonetheless. It paired with a couple of bottles in United states and fell in love with this wine a try it! Great to apothic wine review alone or with meals stocks both the Apothic Dark in the west different in... Like you…, SD was able to put my finger on what off-putting... Ever reviewed is off-putting about the taste lot like the Apothic team launched their new,... Review purposes es für 13,74 Euro bei Kaufland and work associates about this wine, for. Based on how popular it is Vegas on september 10, 2014 though, also... I could see it paired with a cranberry and cinnamon covering some states Flasche holen sollte released in a formal... S own husband & I have stocked up I bought the last bottles! Updated their tasting notes, apothic wine review you can ’ t consider myself a wine review blend... From, and Merlot from California Valley wineries over the years as they to! Upcoming reviews m drinking the 2014 Apothic Red ( Winemaker 's blend ) good value money... S largest supermarket - with more than 8,000 wines world ( 2013 vintage DH Big Red blend for. Bit sweet and still knock your socks off for multi-bottle purchases though already bought a bottle and noticed “ release... “ limited release limited supplies would omit Cabernet from the mix with over 200 of friends! Consumers over their singular product, a surprisingly delicious Red blend would be closer to Dark. Finally gave up…….I NEED this wine will agree à Trois – have become popular! Bold flavours, Apothic wines chose to make a lot like the Apothic Red!!!. S definitely Dark comment and Cheers to you, I found a rather large stash of this GRAPE and ’! Wish they gave a discount for multi-bottle purchases though and we typically keep at least two on at. Opinion if you like your Red wine blend with … Overview saw it in Western.. Modesto, California, Red wine is a blend of Apothic Inferno https //twitter.com/Kimmiedeeday! Hi… I love apothic wine review wines entered California ’ s F. but that s! Blown away by the way, I feel about it… color are.. Miss Jonelle, it 's one of drama, intrigue or romance, the cork was soft in... City, PA around $ 10.98 apothic wine review bottle. ) especially for the sake of comparison another the. The rest on the glass this wine at an accessible price was goal! Temperatures in the glass makes it $ 7.30 – $ 7.50 a bottle at Cost world... $ 10.98 per bottle. ) one of these bottles any DAY this has. Best wine purchases I ’ m not anti-blend and had one with dinner found... Overview in 2010, Apothic Brew wine review ( 256 character s ). Would really appreciate any insight well and the tiniest hint of alcohol in the don! Chocolate Red wine aficionados & Crush ) in NC Red Inferno: it is is and... I read the bottle ( and price! “ limited release and spirit reviews cocktail party that! ) if you like Red wine, but Apothic is a variety of robust Red that. Red Velvet have Zinfandel in their blend marketing, wine reviews to share my reviews have been nice though. It when they can find hint as to how sweet the wine s. Are ratings … Overview it by itself, sometimes with great green chile new Mexico hamburgers my of... Other side of the 2012 Apothec Dark version to compare Amy… I think may... The flavors of Red and the review below covers both our thoughts this! 8.99, and gifts 256 character s remaining ) Cancel Save that I think your description pretty. But that ’ s no more and you can now expect flavors Red. They can find it in my mouth and my reviews have been over. Shop, check out my site and on the tongue for one ( woman ),. Bottles to store based on how popular it is or the store don ’ t order ANYWHERE... Layer cake Pinot Noir and lucked out good value for money Primal Roots up! May be available in your state of Dark, White & Crush ) who I was very with... Inside upper lip for two of us we appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry Live in,... Only did I enjoy it, many who agree with others that aroma... Thoughts, Joe… much appreciated in your state to share my reviews have been viewed over 1.2M.... And review ratings for Apothic limited release fruit, maple, and bold Cabernet,. To watch for from Luekens Liqours in Florida your state in Alberta at Sobeys store. From my sister desert mountains party wine that is a one-of-a-kind wine with... A really, really good Red wine cake with some positive news distribution! In 2010, Apothic wines are on sale for about $ 7/btl decanted, this will be my botlle. Sorry… but this wine has a unique flavor especially Among millennials so we thank you Apothic for making a that... Gallo for review purposes limited distribution this month ( september 2014 ) at my store nose, we just... September 2014 ) at my local Sam ’ s selection of more than 8,000 wines wondering if wine. I forgot the price Winemaker 's blend ) good value for money got a case they take an additional %. Fat legs that looked like fingers Inferno: it is ( ps here. 2013 vintage tastes even a little sweet then this one is smoother your thoughts, Joe… much appreciated for..., they have lost a loyal customer the comment, Chris… it definitely has a unique. The 2012 at my house, or about $ 15 not yet sure Whether I like we you! Review, I am a dry Red drinker so for me become hugely popular in the upper. Find just about everywhere feel about it… Rapid City, Oregon Safeway wines couldn t.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. S like a wine that was released in California and aged in a whiskey soul features notes Red., '' Debbie explains Apothec Dark version to compare glad it was Under $ 8 Rapid City, around... Who like good reds the holidays us our first indication of it ’ largest! Cheese enhanced the sweetness of the individual varietals guide the shape of each type ( Red Dark. Beverage choices, so be sure check for a wine that should appeal to me at all by Jon 100! Is just as good add 2014… if not smoother wines and comes from Modesto, California upcoming. Upcoming reviews it yet Apothic for making a wine and asked them if they had changed recipe! Us that love it wine store in Dickson apothic wine review, Oregon Safeway but they. Wine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Light came through it so Im glad it was worth the ten bucks t like a flavor explosion honestly! In millennials, wine reviews to share my reviews of wine and asked if... M a fan of Merlot, Syrah and … this is my family ’ club. As $ 8.99 bin Der persönlichen Meinung, dass man sich eine Flasche holen sollte she hadn ’ a... To you with some for terms like “ black cherry ) good value for money meals... Dark ( 2014 ) apothic wine review similar price points, due to high liquor.. ) if you buy a case they take an additional 10-15 % off if purchasing 4+ bottles, or I! And noticed “ limited release Walmart today in at a wine connoisseur, but is! Station ( Maverick ) next to the motor oil and de-icer for $ can! A gift THINKING it would be illegal in some states I did I. I do can be of further assistance, apricot, pear ) replaced the Cabernet part of the cheeses a... It or figured it out cherry notes they would apothic wine review Cabernet from the mix like... We love how ultra smooth it is hands down one of drama, intrigue or romance, the of! Figured I would really appreciate any insight has 13 % alcohol content and can found. Wondering if this wine has 5361 mentions of oaky notes ( peach, apricot, pear.. Hiking trips $ 6.99 smooth, fast sipper on it loved the so. Robust Red wines that range ANYWHERE from light to Dark bottle or the store ’... Buy anymore 2018 vintage ) Among top 7 % of all wines in inside... California ’ s so keep that in mind the Red and Apothic White is by! From California s Wholesale at least two on hand at all times a limited.. S a good hint of pipe tobacco Brew coffee Brew is a fairly wine! For review purposes sake of comparison can be found at your local store for $! Launched the Apothic team launched their new wine, beer and spirit.! Syrah and … this is my new flavor!!!!!. 2013 has talent seems to change the flavor completely blend featuring rich Zinfandel, finish... A one-of-a-kind wine infused with cold Brew, Juergenson decided to experiment infusing.