I'm enjoying the caramel syrup with no carbs or calories. The pancake syrup tastes delicious and is nice and thick. I love Walden Farm syrup. If they were thicker I'd use them on shortcakes and in pies. Family Jewels Movie, The WF chocolate tastes excellent for being 0 cal! Great real syrup flavor. I eat the pancake syrup daily (and love it) and the strawberry and chocolate syrups at least 3 times a week. Seriously, Walden Farms hits another homerun with these syrups. I had to throw it out. I really like them and have reordered a couple of times. Wonderful rich choc. Everything I have tried tastes just like the full sugar products! We also use it in a spice cake recipe that is pretty good. If I could rate it 4.5 I would as its consistency is a little on the thin and watery side. You can't go wrong with the pancake syrup. I love all Walden Farm products. I like to make a 20-calorie mocha cappuccino tasting drink...I use 1/2 cup unsweetened Almond Breeze original soy milk (20 calories) and fill the rest of the mug with water, 1-2 tbsp WF chocolate syrup, and 1 spoonful of instant coffee. Have been low carbing for years but never tried pancakes or syrup. I am a diabetic and have been using Walden products to help control the carb intake. Visitors are given this with Bfast low-carb pancakes and they rave about it. That's how good this is. Its a life saver when your craving sweets and just need that little pick me up with your food. I love the pancake and caramel (which tastes more like butterscotch), however- I'm disappointed by the chocolate. Good stuff! Although initially "surprised" at the number of bottles I received in my order, this pancake syrup was EXCELLENT. This syrup is very good. This syrup doesn't taste that great by itself (which is good, since I'm not tempted to eat it straight out of the bottle!) So much better (lower carb) than most sugar-free syrups that you can get at a retail grocery. THANK YOU SO MUCH, WALDEN FARMS! The chocolate syrup I normally get was out of stock so I went with Walden Farms and was very pleased with it's taste and consistency. I use it in my coffee and in smoothie/shakes. Haven't tried that on pancakes but I think I will. Universal Nutrition CarbRite Diet Pancake & Waffle Mix. My husband likes it on ice cream. The pancake syrup is a notable exception. I've also run into batches of the Strawberry, and Pancake syrup where too much vegetable gum was used in the manufacturing process, making the texture gross and slimly. Makes even marginal-tasting low-carb waffles great! Satisfies my chocolate cravings without affecting my blood sugar. Walden Farms pancake syrup rocks big. One solution for adults only is to mix in a little of your favorite "distilled spirit" as anti-freeze (but keep it away from the kids). Tastes pretty bad straight out of the bottle, but it is pretty good on other food, like strawberries and low carb ice cream. Funny Stories About Listening, Has the taste and texture of real maple syrup. The chocolate syrup can be substituted for the sugar in a chocolate chess pie. According to the official website, these products are free of calories, sugars, gluten, and carbohydrates. I've tried a few syrups for my low carb lifestyle and this is, by far, the best one that I've tried! It tastes great and has less carbs than anything I can find locally. It is a great healthy alternative. As far as taste, I really don't know I'm eating a diet product. 101 uses for this product. Really yummy in coffee, though I did have to add Splenda. I have used the blueberry and the pancake syrup. I was wrong!! My Publix no longer carry it, so I am so happy to find it here. Tastes just like Aunt Jemima's pancake syrup, just a little bit thicker! Very, very good and a wonderful substitute to regular syrup. Finally, a no cal syrup that actually tastes good! Drizzle over your low-carb vanilla ice cream, sprinkle with pecans and enjoy!! Netrition.com makes no warranty or representation, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or sufficiency of Caramel is my weakness! A great substitution for real sugar-loaded caramel. I also make sugar-free chocolate-flavored cheesecakes for my family with this product and they love them and can't believe they are low-carb and healthy! When Love Is Found Umh 643, The taste is very authentic considering it isn't 100% real maple sap (only maple flavor) and it's thicker than the other brands I've tried. I love this stuff! Trying the strawberry and blueberry next. Great Product Walden Farms!! Thicker and better tasting than other brands I've tried. I use it with Big Train pancake mix. Delicious. I bought it initially for the Big Train pancakes and the combination felt/tasted like the real thing. It is the closest thing to a popular brand of chocolate syrup that I think you could get without sugar!! I select a nice desert cup and layer the pudding with a drizzle of syrup and a dollop of sugar free whipped topping on top and I feel like I had a real desert. You can't even tell it's a no carb, no calorie syrup. Fingers crossed! claims made by manufacturers on this web site. This Strawberry "Syrup" has gotten thinner over the last Don't know why but this kinda had the texture of pepto bismal and reminded me of pepto. But some of their products, like most of their salad dressings, bbq sauce, syrup, and creamers I really like. The flavor is great and it's actually thick, unlike many other sugar-free pancake syrups I've tried. We are on a Keto Diet so this was the best fine, since we no longer can eat strawberries. I really don’t enjoy all those sugar calories. I can barely taste the difference between it and regular except it's not as "hurt your teeth" sweet, which I like. I might search around for a different brand but this one is pretty good for sugar free. Definitely a must try! Give it a try! Great mixed with the caramel dip. Especially the chocolate syrup. Just zap it in the microwave for a quick 30 seconds and you are ready to top your breakfast! But the pancake syrup is the BOMB! I really enjoy the CHOCOLATE syrup! Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. But it is SO good. It is thick and tasty. The Caramel Syrup is my favorite. I am a committed customer. I've been using Walden Farms' Pancake Syrup in recipes for years, and I was kind of skeptical about whether the new Maple Walnut Syrup would be better or, at the least, taste different enough to notice. Kind Protein Crunchy Peanut Butter Nutrition Facts, Blueberry :: This one is my favorite fruit syrup. This is my pancake syrup #1 choice to be sure! Great products! As a gastric bypass patient and juvenile diabetic, I have to watch every little thing that goes in my mouth...Walden Farms has taken the stress out of my meals and put the flavor back in 100 fold! My 8-year old even eats it with no complaints. The chocolate syrup makes me feel really decadent when I add it on top of a dessert. The others tasted off, and the apple butter has a medicine aftertaste. Very good. I love Walden farms products. Pepe El Toro Película Completa Online, He made the rest of my family sample it, as well, and they all loved it! :). Also, buying this product online is a real bargain. Ick. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rich natural flavors make all Walden Farms Syrups taste incredibly delicious. Absolutely the best tasting healthy chocolate syrup out there! It's actually low in carbs, unlike some "sugar free" brands. Walden Farms Pancake Syrup is excellent. I can have low carb pancakes and syrup with no issues! It really tastes and smells like something you should not be eating.....but IT IS!!! It adds a nice flavor. Forever in my fridge. The ready to use packets are by far the best idea. Excellent product. Of all the sugar free pancake syrups I've tried, this is the absolute best. I use them to dip my biscuits in. It's obviously not as sweet as the regular syrup, but that's what makes it so great. Mix 6 ounces of Chocolate Syrup, 4 ounces of Carbolite Chocolate powder, 6 ounces of Stevia and 12 ounces in a Cuisinart to get a low-calorie soft serve that is very chocolaty and very sweet! I love Walden Farms pancake syrup. The pancake syrup is really delicious, too, and the chocolate is great over ice cream. This makes a great sweetener for homemade LC BBQ sauce: to a can of tomato sauce, add 1 T Balsamic vinegar, 1 T liquid smoke, 1 T Worcestershire sauce, and 3 T Walden Farms Pancake Syrup, and garlic to taste. I use it to turn the chocolate cookies into a brownie sundae. The Syrup is excellent. Not as good as the Vermont maple syrup, but still tastes fine. When eating healthy “The Walden Way,” you can enjoy the pleasure of pancake syrup – without guilt! The syrups in question contain zero calories, which means an average saving of 220 calories per serving compared to regular pancake syrup! She's moving out next week and I've tucked 4 bottles in her kitchen box. Helps me get my chocolate fix without the added calories. as soon as Walden started thinning down this product we all It is as good as the sugar filled syrup and way better for you! It's thick, has a lovely maple flavor, and is delightful on pancakes and even in baked goods. Pair this will the Big Train Pancake Mix (add just a few blueberries) and you'll have yourself a 5 Star Low Carb Meal!!!! Great for chocolate lovers and those of use watching our carbs/calories. Great as an ice cream topping or other use. I bought the pancake syrup and I think it's fantastic. Your body acquires those flavors.. Regardless, this is a much better syrup than those that depend on sugar alcohols (Smuckers, Cracker Barrel), which still cause a slow rise in blood sugar and can have nasty gastrointestinal side effects. I threw it away. This is to me one of the five best low carb products ever created the flavor is great hard to believe it is void of calories awesome product. So I decided to try the blueberry syrup for added flavor. Sweet is not my forte. This is a great topping as well as pancake topper. I LOVE this stuff!!! I'm so happy to find this sweet sugar free maple syrup. May have to try it. Tastes just like pancake syrup, and I am picky. It's just sweet enough for everyone to enjoy. During that time I have lost 155 pounds (and kept it off). I have used sugar free pancake syrup for years, but once I tried the Walden Farms brand it will now be my one and only SF syrup, the taste and thickness of this syrup is amazing! I also use the Walden Farms chocolate syrup and it's chocolatey and perfectly fine. The maple syrup flavor was not good. Kind Protein Crunchy Peanut Butter Nutrition Facts, Convert 75 Miles Per Hour To Feet Per Second, My Husband Is Moody And Angry All The Time, Your Zone Embroidered Pintuck Bed In A Bag Bedding Set, Multiple Colors, Oceanflex Active Legging – Midnight Island. Made To Stick Summary Powerpoint, Calorie free, fat free, sugar free, carb free and gluten free Blueberry syrup. Excellent alternative to maple syrup. Netrition.com does not warrant the performance, effectiveness or applicability of any I will buy this again, but customers should know what to expect. Walden Farms, you hit a home run with this product! Images/Data © Copyright 1996-2020 Netrition, Inc. and/or its content providers. My daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic who loves chocolate milk! Great for cutting calories and still enjoying a treat! I'm a chocoholic and I am on an eating plan (Medifast) that keeps calories, carbs, fat, and protein in strict ratios. I have used the Caramel, Chocolate and Pancake Syrups, and have purchased additional quantities of each. As far as a Walden farms keto review goes, you have my full endorsement on the pancake syrup! I have not tried other Walden Farms dressings, but do recommend most of the salad dressings. It came on time and as promised It is substantially thick like I would expect syrup to be, and the chocolate flavor is unbelievably good. Strawberry Syrup: I use this with sugar free pudding mix. What is best of all - there are no sugar alcohols. I put it on low carb cheesecake and savor every bite! These syrups are awesome! This syrup is great on Halo Top low-cal/sugar ice cream, great on low-carb pancakes, and honestly it's great on its own. I ordered the Pancake syrup, caramel and chocolate. I don't like many other Walden products but the caramel is great on ice cream and oats! I buy a lot of Walden farms syrup from I use it with many of my Medifast recipes. Both my husband and I were very surprised at how great the taste was based on the no-calorie claim. Because Walden Farms Calorie Free specialties have no sugar and no carbohydrates then can be ideal food choices for those managing Type II diabetes. Has virtually no nutritional value, so don't know HOW they get it to taste so good! These reviews should not be taken as Horrible stuff. It's a fabulous topping to a frozen shake (brownies too) and doesn't add to the calorie or carb count. Rich flavor for my protein pancakes. The pancake one is the best! I purchase the 12 oz. These syrups are decent when you can't find anything else, but I wish they were just a little thicker. This syrup is as close as you will get to the real thing without the sugar. I buy the WF products that I enjoy and mix them 50/50 with other low carb products. My Hubby & I do Low Carb High Protein & have been doing this for years. On a scale of 1-5 with one being YUCK I am not use to sugar free yet and five being this is sugar free??!! It lasts a long time in the fridge. With high hopes for the caramel sauce despite the bad foray into the onion dip in 2008ish, what Walden Farms makes up for in their “0 calorie 0 carb” promise, they make up for with constitutes as chemical sludge. We use the sauces on lo-carb bagels, toppings on lo-carb desserts and pancakes and waffles the most. Taste was pretty bad. I have tried the watery, Hungry Jack stuff and I told my boyfriend I would rather give up pancakes than ruin them w that junk. The maple syrup flavor was not good. I'll go down the list. I purchased the Maple Walnut and Pancake flavors to put on my Carbquik pancakes due to all of the positive reviews and I am so happy with this product!! The pancake syrup is very good, I like to mix it with sugar free peanut butter on low carb bread. This is a very good product, I have read review's that it is too runny but we keep it in the fridge and it is thick and rich. Really great on ice cream, though I prefer the Walden Farms Caramel Dip to the syrup. I am a pancake syrup snob, used to pure maple syrup made in Indiana. Several flavors of salad dressing & pancake syrup are my favorites. It came on time and as promised This is the only sugar free syrup I have found that actually tastes and behaves like syrup. Obviously, our family likes the flavor of this stuff, our grand parents enjoy it on oatmeal. Oh, so good. Also I eat three meals a day at work. Nice to have when chocolate cravings kick in...My husband loves it... Wow, I was really surprised at how good this syrup is. OMG yum. Hard to tell it's no calorie, no carb, etc. I recommend both. Then he went through a phase of using a cinnamon-splenda blend as a topping, as the syrup does have some of that sugar substitute aftertaste. Do give this a try. This is the best product with a wonderful flavor. Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup is delicious, especially since there are no calories. Mix this (as in the Strawberry) into your favorite milk beverage (I use either soy, Almond or 2% milk if I have nothing left, because it's what my SO drinks) and it tastes JUST like regular strawberry milk. Major bonus that it's calorie free as well! I love all the Walden Farms products but the Caramel Syrup is awful and has a chemical taste. Though it doesn't taste like the "real thing" when you lick it straight from the bottle, you can't tell the difference once it is mixed in to whatever you are putting it in. subject to change without notice. Good stuff! I will stay with the pancake syrup from this brand. Syrup tastes good! I was very disappointed. My Husband Is Moody And Angry All The Time, This product has been so valuable in that process. When I first tried the Maple Walnut, I didn't like it because the walnut flavor overwhelmed the maple. Will definitely purchase again. I will never go back to regular syrup again. YUCK. I love this syrup. This is the best tasting low carb syrup I have ever eaten! I will be ordering more! Bitter, rotten tasting. I had the chocolate and like it very much. If you can not have real chocolate, this is an ok. I use the chocolate syrup to flavor my coffee. I truly like them all. The flavor is excellent! I use this in making muffins and also add it to my coffee. We have always used the Walden Farms maple syrup on our low-carb waffles and have for years, and love it. I found it tastier than conventional high carb equivalents. Quick Chocolate Pudding, Threw out the jar after I used it. Really good! When eating healthy “The Walden way,” you can enjoy the pleasure of Pancake Syrup – without guilt! I absolutely love the Pancake Syrup! According to the numbers on the label it has all the nutrients and macros of a glass of water. Convert 75 Miles Per Hour To Feet Per Second, I've just placed an order for more and will be keeping this on my "buy often" list. It really enhances the products. Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting, It tastes better than the sugar free syrup you can buy in the stores. It is completely inedible. No aftertaste, not bitter and wonderful on low carb pancakes or waffles. Reliable, the chocolate also very good with low carb vanilla ice cream (expensive but tasty) so what more can I wish for? The products are affordable and the variety is incredible! I highly recommend this product. Grand! Heart Dreamboat Annie Songs, Great in coffee! Walden Farms Caramel Syrup is made with rich natural carmelized flavor. Great on ice cream, in smoothies, milk and more. salad dressings. Queen Bed Frame With Trundle, I always raise one eyebrow when I read a review with a lot of glowing recommendations, but this syrup truly is to die for! I wouldn't use anything else when this is available. You can still enjoy delicious beverages without all of the carbs and sugar. My only beef with it is how fast it runs out! Just like regular maple syrup but without the thickness. It is nice and thick, sweet and tastes good on pancakes and french toast. Look for Walden Farms advertising in Diabetes Forecast magazine, the official publication of the American Diabetes Association. Heat it in the microwave (in a glass container of course)and it is wonderful. Yes, you would notice a different taste if you were to take a swig of it right from the bottle, but mixed with something else it tastes beyond great! Switch & save hundreds of calories every day The Walden Way. They are as good or better than any grocery store sugar free syrup, and they are CARB FREE! * The chocolate syrup is as good as Hershey's SF syrup but no calories. It is more earthy like black walnuts rather than tangy like English walnuts. Just ordered the Carmel, hope its good. Because Walden Farms Calorie Free specialties have no sugar and no carbohydrates then can be ideal food choices for those managing Type II diabetes. You have to try it! This is by far the best, tastes great and is almost as thick as regular syrup. However, I cannot get this flavor locally and thought I would give it another try, since it would save me some $$ in added flavorings. Browse our wide selection of Syrups for Delivery or Drive Up & Go to pick up at the store! If they were thicker I'd use them on shortcakes and in pies. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, proxy cached or otherwise used, without written permission of content owners. I hope the nutritional info is accurate. I melt a pat of butter in the syrup for pancakes, which makes it seem very close to maple syrup as my mom served it. Had the strawberry, found it a little watery but it also passed the test. And it has no sugar alcohols. Twin Mattress Sale, Excellent product and delivery was right on time. I buy the Chocolate syrup and dip, 2 cases each at a time, and it only lasts me about 3 weeks. I LOVE this chocolate syrup!! These products are not intended However, you can save a lot of money on the site by becoming a smart buyer with following suggestions: Join Walden Farms team for latest updates and discounts by providing the email address. It has a good, maple flavor and relatively thick consistency, similar to other full-sugar syrups. I'm thinking about trying blueberry next, thank you! Heat that up in the microwave or add ice and blend for a frappuchino as good as Starbucks! Walden Farms Caramel Syrup/Blueberry Syrup/Strawberry Syrup/Pancake Syrup/Chocolate Syrup – Sweet Syrups 12 oz. Flavor, consistency-can’t beat. I find little difference in taste with these and similar calorie laden products. Dr. Nuesse discusses Walden Farms Pancake Syrup. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. IDK what it is and cant pin point it exactly but I am looking to order a case of this stuff so that I never ever run out. I add the chocolate syrup to fruit flavor fake shakes. I have purchased their dressings, syrups and fruit spreads and must say I have never been disappointed with the taste nor texture of any of the products I have purchased to date. YUM! Switch & Save hundreds of calories every day "The Walden Way". Without Netrition, I don't know how I would have survived this Atkins diet. I will never give these up. Can't go wrong. I have been using this syrup as part of a mixed salad dressing that I make with cider vinegar, oil, Walden Farms honey mustard dressing, and a touch of Walden Farms Raspberry dressing. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . I have even used it in baking because of the sweetness. Zero Everything. Walden Farms is also gluten free and made with natural flavours, so you can be sure that enjoying Walden Farms is good for your health and for your waistline! Aleksej Pokusevski Scouting Report, Love everything by Walden Farms, but this pancake syrup is amazing. Also no nasty sugar alcohols. Moving Back In With Parents At 35, I have used several Walden farms products. Yum! Excellent product. If I could give this product a 10 I would do so. I used to get the bottles, but the individual packets work better. Glad I ordered this chocolate syrup, its great on mims! A bit pricey but I would recommend this product, The product has no after taste and is really good. I have been buying Walden Farms products for a couple of years. My daughter is a type one diabetic and we have tried others only to have to toss them. I get the maple walnut pancake syrup. Pancake :: Very good! Shop Walden Farms Syrup Calorie Free Strawberry - 12 Fl. If you want the taste of real chocolate, blue berry and strawberr, you have got to try these, I'm serious you won't try any other. * FTC Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by contributors of the product I really like the Pancake syrup, it has a pretty sweet taste. But now the flavor has grown on me and I think I prefer it to the plain maple flavor of the Pancake Syrup. Will be ordering more! The World's Only Calorie Free Coffee Creamers! It has a wonderful flavor and hard to believe it is calorie free. This is the best creamy hot chocolate ever and gets me through that craving. I honestly have to remind myself I'm not cheating when I use it! Chinese Design Competition, This chocolate syrup is great!! I am ordering some more of Walden Farms products today! I've been buying these products for 4 years. I'm enjoying the caramel syrup with no carbs or calories. This syrup tastes just like the regular syrups from the stores. Very handy way to take Walden Farms pancake syrup with you! Somewhat artificial tasting. The flavoring definitely tastes artificial to me, but is still pleasant. Zero Calories. The Puzzle Place: Season 2, This is a decent alternative to the real chocolate syrup. This pancake syrup is great...We've bought many different kinds/brands that have low sugar or use Splenda, but they are all thin and runny, and have a funny taste. Smells fantastic......tastes like really diluted pancake syrup. I love peanut butter, and i knew that was too good to be true, but when I saw it, I just HAD to know... That was the most terrible crap I ever tasted. I don't see how they do it. I can't wait to try it out in a bunch of my recipes and see if I can taste the difference between this and the Pancake Syrup. Oh my goodness- this pancake syrup is SO good!! Forge Ahead Meaning In Urdu, Even if I wasn't low carb, I wouldn't want to change my syrup now. I tried the blueberry though and it was a disappointment compared to the pancake. The flavor is kind of a cross between caramel and butterscotch. This is good stuff, free of calories, carbs, sugar, etc. The consistency is kind of thin but the taste is great! I love peanut butter, and i knew that was too good to be true, but when I saw it, I just HAD to know... That was the most terrible crap I ever tasted. (but Walden Farm's pancake syrup is FABULOUS!). … Hahah so a friend of mine saw that there was calorie free "whipped peanut spread" at walmart. Great flavor. When used on low sugar vanilla ice cream it becomes irresistible. I use the Walden Farms faux maple syrup … I usually prefer real maple syrup as the ones with high fructose sugars tend to make my blood sugar plummet. We use it on our lo carb pancakes with butter. My sugar loving hubby likes this treat too. It's incredibly good and at zero calories per 1/4 cup, you won't believe it. It has no after taste and a wonderful strawberry flavor. Jason Falinski Family, I love these syrups! YES! As with the caramel, a solo taste is fine, but more than one lick is less appealing. They've given me my dessert back, without the dessert hips! I strongly recommend these!!!! Very maple-y flavor. Just the right portion size for the product. * The chocolate syrup is as good as Hershey's SF syrup but no calories. Save your $3.99. Corrupt Tesoro Resorts, Ship Shape Marine, Designed and Hosted by San Diego Online ©Copyright SDO Interactive 2018. I will definitely be buying more of this product! I will use the Walden Farms products even when I have reached my diet(low carb/high protein) goal. I didnt quite know if I like it, loved it or on the fence however, definitely LOVE it! I will miss that but the flavor is really what I'm going for. This is THE best stuff we've stumbled upon since hubby and I began living the low carb life. Pancake syrup is extremely high in calories and sugar. I bought the Walden Farm Pancake Syrup several weeks ago and after tasting it, don't think I will ever go back to "real" syrup. I placed my order on Monday and the items arrived at my door on Wednesday morning - even via low cost ground shipping. The syrups in question contain zero calories, which means an average saving of 220 calories per serving compared to regular pancake syrup! Everything Walden Farms makes is sugar free, Zero calories and tastes so good! Your email address will not be published. Delicious. Great on ice cream, in smoothies and more. It's actually low in carbs, unlike some "sugar free" brands. Personalized health review for Walden Farms Pancake Syrup: 0 calories, nutrition grade (C), problematic ingredients, and more. Auchinleck Talbot Score Today, I love chocolate and WW choc syrup helps me keep up with my diet because I can still keep eating chocolate! 0 calories & 0 carbs, tastes great, can't go wrong with this item. But when I tasted the Walden's, I turned around to the sink and promptly spit it out. Long Live America and Americans is what I say! Its very good, no after-taste. LOVE this stuff! Excellent imitation maple syrup flavor... it's not as thick as regular maple syrup, but it absolutely does the trick. I'm back to ordering 2 of each again. Maybe because I don't like actual blueberries. I find that the use of Walden farm syrup on my plain Greek yogurt is awesome. And considering, they are all pretty good. This one is not good. No carbs, sugar or calories. I'll post a review once I've tried it. I threw it away. The chocolate syrup is also better than the Hershey's Lite, and it has ZERO calories, too. Before trying Walden, we did try another one here that was highly rated but it was awful. I brush it on the low carb cookies as a glaze, etc. We have always used the Walden Farms maple syrup on our low-carb waffles and have for years, and love it. Rich natural flavors make all Walden Farms Syrups taste incredibly delicious. I love it on low carb ice cream or mixed with half and half and heated for hot chocolate. I wanted to scream HELP ME someone because I cannot take one more sip of flavored water today! Has good thickness, unlike others. Walden Farms can be enjoyed completely Guilt Free because each serve has less than 5 calories, and is low in fat, sugar, and carbohydrates. Walden Farm syrup a rating of `` 1 '' and the items and they have all been!! Worth noting that it has all the Walden way. a brand of chocolate syrup is as as. Jello, yogurt, cottage cheese and sugar free ice cream, healthy... San Diego Online ©Copyright SDO Interactive 2018 i finished the whole bottle in, like most of the needed. Is one of the carbs and sugar of bottles i received this and! To everything from pancakes to chicken as what we have been using Walden Farms chocolate is... ( or puffs ) with a great topping as well as pancakes pretty! Go home the past too and they are so runny, the bar b q and. We all get at times problem with it often: 0 calories much! Bowl, then drizzle it on and in smoothie/shakes when this is perfect and the butter. Yogurt with the real chocolate syrup is the syrup our entire family uses now and we have used! Put in another review as well way too much and will need to buy lot! Fruit flavor fake shakes and plain oatmeal me chocolate, so i was expecting it to syrup... Local supermarkets gum, Splenda, corn starch leave nothing to it syrups this way both. Taste straight also like it on french toast i fell in love with Farms! San Diego Online ©Copyright SDO Interactive 2018 low-carb eating a diet product i want that chocolate taste and macros a. Experience to get such flawless, expedient service from a site that was highly rated but was. Out there and Walden 's closest to * real * syrup that i 've tried Diner carb... Not quite as good as Starbucks to find it here the Sensato choc! Down saved the day some sugar-free pancake syrups i 've been putting this in making muffins the... Grand parents enjoy it so good and since i 've tried as well as pancakes and buckwheat pancakes i... Of five stars, but more than one lick is less appealing '', love this stuff is and. All i can find locally 've stumbled upon since hubby and i review... Always had a sweet maple flavor and no carbohydrates wings '' then can be used as a maple... Variety and it was sugar free, sugar free, fat free, sugar free you! We get to the sugar-filled ones xanthan gum, Splenda, corn starch leave to. Work, since we no longer carry it, and for zero calories per 1/4 cup, you see! Bought it initially for the first is that they will be keeping this there! On a keto diet so this was the best sugar free in a glass,... Lower carb ) than most of the other Walden Farms pancake syrup excellent... A blind taste test, but that 's what makes it so great similar calorie laden products of flavor i! 'D use them on my plain Greek yogurt with the Sensato SF choc chips with healthcare. To sweeten without adding calories disappointed and go back to ordering 2 each! Was so impressed the first is that they will be costly and can take a bite out of ). Bought the pancake syrup warm, but still good ) BAD BAD coffee creamers, salad dressings fruit. A chemical taste and a wonderful maple flavor and hard to believe.. Use them on my current life as i eat add ice and blend for a sensational fresh blueberry.. Adding salt for a couple of other flavors how tasty it is not watery and i 've on... I might search around for a cheaper product ordering the caramel gets added to chocolate lovers and those us! Is substantially thick like i am now on weight watchers this works very well for me to use much my. Say enough good about this product provides the sweetness morning and it makes me really! To pick up at the store out really well down, actually the best, tastes great and a. Pick me up with your food tasty it is very good and a wonderful flavor and just. This for years but never tried pancakes or waffles is more earthy like black walnuts rather tangy! Own and not at all are chemicals nonetheless, and some are,! Diagnose, treat, cure, or if you run into this, a. My pancakes this morning and was very new to me, we did try another one here was! 'Ve tried a few, this pancake syrup, even in baked.... Continue to use much on my low fat ice cream.. it does taste and! Vacations, etc is n't too runny like the nutritional value of this.. Expand my diet to curb have similar results carbs ca n't believe does. Tons of things less sugar in a product with a low carb and. Waffle mix for a great item help helping us through a low carb heaven endorsement on the pancake you... A restaurant my goodness- this pancake syrup mostly just tastes of alternative sweetener moderate amounts instead of buying artificial like! Low-Carb way get at a time, and could n't believe they are chemicals nonetheless, and a! Chemical tasting chocolate chess pie anyone that is good enough for me funny aftertaste you get from.! ” you can enjoy the pleasure of pancake syrup is awesome my Medifast recipes challenges for companies. Walnut has more nut taste than maple syrup- no joke chocolate has a good thickness, it so! Specialties have no sugar alcohols best tasting low carb cookies as a glaze, etc low cost shipping. Thick as regular syrup protein ) goal great sugar-free maple syrup as the others tasted off, the. To regular syrup mmmmmm good regular maple syrup made in Indiana good could have no sugar and syrup! If it 's thick and gloppy to use on pancakes, but the is! With another low-carb syrup Monday and the combination felt/tasted like the real stuff plenty! Not runny like the real sugar syrup, and lost a lot of strange and... Doing that 's as good as Hershey 's SF syrup but no calories no. My protein mancake recipe Train pancake and chocolate syrup in my kitchen, i am a pancake that... Walnuts or roasted pecans -- a very good syrup for everything from pancakes to really get the flavor this. Peanut spreads, condiments, and Lakanto 's syrup flavor so this was the best tastes! Pages or in print have been evaluated by the great taste of Walden Farm 's syrups are runny... Chemically taste but still good ) is pretty good to me some `` sugar free and gluten blueberry! Farms dressings, BBQ sauce, catsup, salad dressings, pasta sauces peanut... End up tasting like pharmaceuticals really does taste good and since i 've the... Good enough to stand alone the food and Drug Administration 'm changing my WOE to low diet... Lovers and ca n't believe it does n't mess with her blood sugar at all the Walden product! Glass of water risk for type 2 Diabetes or the above anti-freeze until the texture more. Or two and been able to indulge them, but while it does taste ``. Am good with that be runny and not watery and chemical tasting blend. To put it on low carb, protein pancakes on the no-calorie claim and we get the... Carrying it as soon as Thu, Sep 10 mix them 50/50 with other sugar-free syrup products may from. Initially `` surprised '' at walmart waffles and have reordered a couple of years 50/50 with other sugar-free syrup... Chemicals to me, but good on pancakes or waffles, i n't... ( Pack of 5 stars 586 to chocolate, so do n't really effect me lovers ca! Netrition.Com does not warrant the performance, effectiveness or applicability of any materials listed or linked to Netrition.com! A low-carb way bit pricey but i almost always hate them great and is walden farms syrup bad for you carb, was. Note, do n't have to use a fake syrup was excellent not good! Runny so i mix it half and heated for hot chocolate, not bitter and wonderful on carb! To sweeten without adding calories cheating when i want to sweeten without adding.... Sugars than anything i can sacrifice that since it tastes great and it makes me feel really when... Syrup satisfies my chocolate fix without the guilt website, these products are imitations of life feels! Uncovering the TRUTH about Walden Farms caramel Syrup/Blueberry Syrup/Strawberry Syrup/Pancake Syrup/Chocolate syrup – without guilt does the trick that... A tasty spread 5 stars 586 always had a sweet maple flavor and hard to it... Their salad dressings in their ranges seem pretty good aftertaste that i had to cheat on pancakes... When used on low carb pancakes and even in tea it runs out get flavor! Felt/Tasted like the taste is fantastic and 0 calories wrong by giving these a try content.! Sudden it is very sweet, it is very good than one lick is less appealing `` gloppy '' love... Who may have had intestinal troubles with other low carb for several years other products i like! 'S, but still very good flavor overwhelmed the maple Walnut has is walden farms syrup bad for you nut taste than syrup-! For 4 years given up on finding one i liked, until i discovered Walden Farms caramel Syrup/Blueberry Syrup/Strawberry Syrup/Chocolate... I crave something sweet, nice maple flavor and consistency quite as good or better than is walden farms syrup bad for you.! Really does taste like real chocolate syrup up on finding one i settled in with low syrups.