It arrived on time, as agreed. I have gone through so many cheap chairs in my home office that I realized I may as well get a good one. Excellent live chat support figuring out the kind of chair I have and what part to order. 10/10 customer service from the very Dave Crandall. Size C ~20.5″. I read about this company online and people seemed to be happy with the service, so i took a chance as I didn't want to spend a lot of money to replace my old office chair that just wasn't comfortable. Unfortunately the chair arrived with a few issues (broken armrest adjustment, back tension knob) that took some effort to resolve. I had my chair in less than two weeks. When I had a question, they got back to me within the same day. Oh, and the chair arrived extremely quickly, within about three days. 2 dots = B Size Aeron It did take 3 weeks to ship and I had no lead time, but that was fine by me and I knew that going into the purchase. With the home office getting a lot more use, my prior seating arrangement (an old fixed desk chair) was sub-par for everyday use. I was looking for local sources in San Jose, but, found Crandall during my online search; the chair was refurbished as well as very competitive prices. Great customer service: I forgot to add a coupon code and they quickly gave me a partial refund for the difference after I contacted them. A pop culture icon, the Aeron Chair can be found in pro-sports locker rooms, recording studios, the MoMA permanent collection, and now, with you and your gaming setup. I was having an issue with my chair riding a bit low, so I sent an email to Crandall just asking if that was normal. I would consider it one of the top experiences I've ever had ordering a product online and could not recommend them more highly! So my chair when received admittedly didn't work correctly - it wouldn't go up and down. Tilt Limiter lets you set the recline range … Herman Miller is a great chair but you have to be willing to spend another $300 - $500 too. However, within a few minutes, the chair was assembled and ready for sitting. Great product. Crandall Office has excellent customer service. Highly recommended. Great service and great prices! I received a gas cylinder for a Steelcase Leap chair but was not able to compress the cylinder once it was installed on the chair. This is a comfortable, highly adjustable chair, and it functions like new. The fast-forward ergonomics and distinctive look makes this chair the only office chair that people can identify by name. However, upon looking over the instructions and watching the video assembly it was a piece of cake. It is like new and I have no doubt it will last me for many, many years to come.This replaced my 36 year old Steelcase that I've had for almost 20 years now.Will buy from again and will be sending my employer your way. The chair still shipped on time and was in pristine condition. All of this was still hundreds of dollars less than ordering a new one direct from Steelcase - plus, knowing I was able to re-use a chair that could've ended up in a landfill is really nice. I chose one of the designs they offered for the cover and it was very pretty! Size/Fit Reference — Classic Aeron ® Chair 6' 5" 6' 4" 6' 3" 6' 2" 6' 1" 6' 0" 5' 11" 5' 10" 5' 9" 5' 8" 5' 7" 5' 6" 5' 5" 5' 4" 5' 3" 5' 2" 5' 1" 5' 0" 4' 11" 4' 10" 9 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 2 0 1 3 0 1 4 0 1 5 0 1 6 0 1 7 0 1 80 1 9 0 2 0 2 1 0 … Needed help and spoke directly to David, David provided help and directed me to the correct videos online to resolve my issue. Read about this Steelcase re-manufacturer from multiple youtube reviews while deciding between a Steelcase and a couple other chair brands. In any case I went to the extensive video instruction tapes on assembly and other tasks to find out how to remove the seat.Now I am really frustrated! He gave me great advice in terms of the various options that would be important for me, and was also happy to explain those that I wouldn't need. Ordered a refurbished SteelCase Leap v2, with extra padding on the seat and hard floor casters. Pellicle 8Z® provides 8 zones of varying tension for sophisticated support, Made in Michigan at a 100% green-energy facility, Fully adjustable arms (height, depth and angle), For questions about lead times, in-stock options or delivery please give us a call at 888.798.0202, Critical or inappropriate comments about other reviews and shoppers, Advertising, spam, or references to other websites and retailers, Personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, or physical addresses. The Herman Miller Aeron chair comes in 3 different sizes. Just a quick note regarding my order. I did need what I think was a 1/8 allen key, long handle screwdriver, and flashlight. I found 3 that looked good, until I checked them out. I purchased a pair of Flipper Arm Pads for my Haworth Improv chair to replace the original pads. They did a great job with the re-manufacturing process and I will definitely be buying from them again if offered by Crandall. I would not hesitate to recommend Crandall to anyone! It was in pretty much new condition aside from some scratches on the metal post by my feet (hardly noticeable anyway), as Crandalls fully cleans and reupholsters the chair. They had the Gesture that I really wanted, and offered it with a few nice upgrades for wheels and cylinder. Chair dimensions: 41" H x 27" W x 16.75" D. Seat heights: 16”-20.5”. This will now be my go-to for chairs. Friendly and a good product. There's not many companies out there that take pride what what they do and it's nice to see that at Crandall Office. Aeron chair has three sizes that are suitable for a broad audience. I would absolutely order anything including a new chair for this company because they were really helpful. forms: { Due to the pandemic going around, the shipping time was going to be 5-10 days (4 business days). Helpful and friendly service and quality re-manufacturing. Ordered a Steelcase 453 Criterion gas cylinder. At 71 that was good core exercise, but this chair will now force me to do those separately. did some research and was wary about buying a chair from anyone other than original manufacturer, but the return policy with Crandall gave me assurance. Arrived quickly, exactly as described. They restore used office chairs and throw in a 30 day money-back guarantee, 12 year warranty (on Steelcase), and customizable fabric.They were very responsive whenever I reached out! But it was expected since it is remanufactured. Great product, and even greater service. I'll definitely do business with them again! The chair is in great condition, I would not have known it wasn't brand new. Weight Limits - Aeron in size A is tested and warranted for use by persons 300 pounds and under. I ordered the chair, and it came within the week! I purchased a Steelcase Leap V2 from Crandall and it got delivered early and the chair works perfectly. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again. So glad I found this site. Use this form or chat with us (bottom right), so one of our chair experts can help you identify or fix your office chair! The chair was packed very well and is in great shape. I ordered a remanufactured office chair. Ordered a Leap V2 from Crandall. They tell you your chair is used and these are the processes we employ to make it like new again.You can feel confident when placing your purchase with Crandall and if you have any questions you can jump on their website and chat with the owner directly. Just awesome! To date, I am extremely satisfied and appreciative of my service via Crandall. I love the adjustability. Thank you! Great shopping experience. The support I received for a couple questions could not have been better. Please refrain from including any of the following in your review: All reviews are subject to Herman Miller's Terms of Use. After purchasing a Steelcase Leap V. 2 chair from another company I came across several reviews of the Crandall Office Furniture. All of my questions were answered and I clicked on order right away.It was shipped fast and the chair itself is amazing. Bill. The quality of the material was outstanding. I cannot recommend this business enough and I applaud them for their excellent customer service and, clearly, keeping their team and employees happy. nuts. Purchased a Steelcase Leap V2, black 3D mesh fabric. Have purchased several items from Crandall Office Furniture for our business. Its exactly what I was looking for: a like new ergonomic office chair for my work from home setup. Great chair. I wasn't ready to spend $1K on a Steelcase Leap, and found Crandall Office Furniture in a reddit thread while I was researching refurbished options. There were some minor marks, scuffs, etc. It was shipped quickly and looks brand new. Everything was packed very well and easy to assemble. I had an awesome experience ordering a Steelcase Criterion chair from this company. Bought a remanufacturer Leap v2. There was a minor issue with the replacement in that the chair height would slowly lower over time by about 1/2" per day. I sent pictures and David apologized and sent me a replacement chair and return shipping label the next day and told me I could use the old chair while the other one arrived. In the meantime, I could not be happier with my purchase. IMO better than buying new in some ways (seat pad, customizable fabrics), but still much cheaper. event : evt, refurbished in excellent condition. 2 Year parts warranty and FREE USA Shipping! I received the chair promptly and in great condition. Great guys to work with and high quality workmanship! Height adjustment on your chair not working? He was able to solve all my doubts and answered all questions regarding the chair I was looking for. Packaging was done well and the instructions sheet is clear. Great customer service! They promptly help with returns and issues. The gas cylinder on my 12 year old Think chair failed in April 2019. Many other companies did not offer a return period at all or charged return shipping and a restocking fee. My order shipped within the specified window with tracking number. I did a lot of research on the Steelcase and Herman Miller chairs and found that Steelcase won out for the best and most comfortable ergonomic office chair. Quick response to my questions. Very helpful and great costumer service!! I ordered a new set of armrest pads for my Steelcase chair. I liked the Crandall chair and the upholstery so much I wanted to send my wife's chair to be reupholstered in vinyl with the additional cushion padding. 5 stars plus. From this experience I'm confident they care about customer service and I'll be taken care of if I have any issues within the next 12 years.The chair is pretty good for a remanufactured chair. Whether it’s being used as a work chair, side chair … Received 1 week after ordering. I couldn't be happier with the experience I had with Crandall Office Furniture concerning both the product I received as well as the service. It is still too early to determine durability. Works great, and I love the roller blade wheels! I'm very satisfied with my purchase and my posture says thank you! They are so helpful. I was skeptical but only read great reviews, I went ahead with my purchase. Chair is in like new condition and exactly as described. I found Crandall, shopped their site, and thought I'd give it a try. Because of the extra padding, this chair is more comfortable than the one at the office. David's helpful support, plus a well-made Youtube tutorial by them, helped me reinstall the new cylinder with no problems. Our breathable 8Z Pellicle suspension seat and back create eight zones of varying tension for optimal support. The cylinders arrived quickly and work perfectly. When you are purchasing a refurbished product you want to see this kind of information.They shipped out the chair fast and came packaged extremely well.They also include detailed instructions for putting together AND a QR code that you can scan to pull up a video. Everything works perfectly and looks new! Due to COVID-19, I found myself working from home every day and my $150 big box chair was not providing the support I needed. What’s the difference between an A, B, and C size Aeron? The installation video was very helpful. Very responsive and polite. What size Herman Miller Aeron should I buy? Like you I was skeptical about buying a remanufactured chair, online.I ordered and received my chair in 3 days, spent less than 1/2 of what I would have on a new one, and I couldn't tell you anything that's different between this chair and a new one. Came quickly, easy to assemble, looks great. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Good aftermarket gas cylinders for our Steelcase office chairs at a competitive price. Remanufactured chair looks and feels new!!! I'll definitely consider buying from Crandall again in the future. Aside from some minor scuffs at the base the chair is practically new. You know what you are getting with them. Determine which chair size is right for you. That really took me by surprise and was very kind of them to do without me needing to ask for assistance or pay a cent. Thanks for a great experience. I stumbled upon Crandall and decided to purchase from them since the reviews are all positive and they're based in Michigan. The instructions were pretty straight forward, but I did need to consult the internet because the instructions did not provide details on how to align the small metal piece at the top of the cylinder with the flat metal piece for the height adjustment on the chair seat base. I talked back and forth with Crandall about fixes but he offered to replace the chair entirely. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another chair from them in the future! It was easy to put together. I followed along and was sitting pretty in no time.This is a company you can trust. Once you've sat in the best, nothing else will do.. My home office, thanks to this chair, now far outweighs my traditional office set-up and I plan on taking this chair with me to the office when things return to normal. ), Aeron … I'm a bigger guy and got the heavy duty cylinder, and we have hard floors in an old house, so the inline skate wheels are fabulous. No hitches and the chair looks and feels like brand new. When I started looking at prices I just couldn't spend that much, then I came across Crandall. Shipping was prompt, the chair was packed well, and I loved that almost no plastic was used to pack it. But that’s where Crandall Office Furniture came in. It was stuck and wouldn't budge. Crandal has been helpful, informative, timely, and business-like throughout the purchasing process. Arrived early. Honestly you cannot tell the difference between new and re-manufactured as all the critical parts are brand new. If you want to save money that does not sacrifice the quality of Steelcase, do not hesitate to purchase from Crandall Office Furniture. I've always been a fan of the Steelcase Leap, but couldn't afford a new one, and couldn't get it delivered to me in Hawaii even if I could afford it. There was an issue with the fabric bunching at the bottom of the back cushion, which is a major issue even at their lower price point, but I was able to Chat with someone on their website who immediately sent a replacement cushion. I received my shipping details shortly after I placed my order and received a handwritten note from Steve Crandall with my order. Our V2 arrived within 5 business days and it looks brand new. Couldn't be happier with the service and with the chair. They had exactly what I needed, shipped it out immediately and followed up right after delivery to make sure everything was perfect. Looks like brand new and was very easy to assemble after watching the install video. They also shipped this to me very quickly which I really appreciated. I still have to put a cushion on it. The chair feels like new. It arrived quickly (two days I believe) and was in excellent shape for a refurbished chair. I ordered the additional .5 inch cushion with the cinnamon vinyl rather that the fabric. Also, I was impressed with the very fast shipping! on the frame and base, but that is to be expected and was clearly stated on their website and by David. Would purchase from them again in the future. Mr. Crandall took time to quickly and thoroughly respond and answer all of my questions.I like the many options that we can choose when purchasing a chair. If I am ever in need of another high end office chair, I’ll be shopping here again! They shipped me a replacement the next day. Looks and feels like a brand new chair. Great chair! Kim was also a great person to work with. They are personable, professional, and mindful of the environment. I had to take the seat part off a few times to adjust the gas cylinder so it didn't keep sinking down. Affordable remanufactured high-end chairs and good customer service, fast shipping. If you are in the market for a chair..definitely consider one from Crandall. But the chair that arrived was thoroughly cleaned and re-upholstered, with attention to detail. I had an issue with assembly but I contacted the office by phone and had the issue resolved that same day. There are some minor scratches on the body but overall the chair looks new. Because of the way that section of the chair was put together, it was ridiculously hard to clean..but I tried my best to get into the nooks and crannies with qtips and cleaning wipes. It looks like a brand new chair. Haven't had any problems. Most excellent customer service !! Exceptional personal service, feedback ad follow up after sale! Ordering was simple, and when I decided I needed to modify my order I was able to chat with the boss himself. Thank you so much!! I would do this again for sure and this place is going to be popular if the results for everyone are as good as mine.Shipping was rapid once they shipped it - 1 day (Michigan). Word to the wise: Before you put your seat on, raise the chair up with the lever and then GENTLY sit down on the chair. I am recommending this to all of my friends and colleagues! [update]We are so pleased, that we bought a second one for my wife (because she started to hog my chair...)[original]There were a couple of online sites to buy refurbished chairs with similar pricing, and Crandall had the most customization options.Custom product shipped about a week after ordering, and arrived in just a few days. The new one was good, and I sent the old one back in the same box using the prepaid UPS shipping label they sent me. ), and they’re super comfortable! Based on this experience, I would order from Crandall in the future. I highly recommend Crandall. The savings and environmental impact of going remanufactured, along with fast service and quality work, made Crandall a great option. If you don't know your Aeron chair's size and it … My old Aeron needed a new height adjustment/gas cylinder. Would not hesitate to order from them again if I needed more furniture! If you chat on their website she will probably be the one chatting you are with. I'm very impressed with the quality of the fabric and the OEM parts they use in their remanufacturing process. Love Love Love my Leap V1 chair. I have this chair in my office and decided to purchase one for home, but was looking for ways to save and buy used. I recommend calling them direct when you are ready to purchase. Weird as it is to love your furniture, I LOVE this chair. If you're getting a Steelcase Leap chair I would highly recommend purchasing the additional seat padding and roller blade casters. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is one of the top selling office chairs of all time, and continues it’s popularity even 20 years after it was introduced in 1994. Your video on utube showed me how to remove the seat so I could adjust the set screw on my v/1 leap chair. Also this company is hands down much better than the previous company from which I tried to order a chair. I can't find a blemish on it anywhere! Very professional and they do what they say they are going to do! I emailed and called to ask questions. Super fast shipping, great how-to video. The second one arrived with assembly instructions, so that bit of process must have been fixed in the intervening week or two between orders.Both chairs are refurbished, but arrived in excellent shape. The replacement cylinder dropped in and worked perfectly. Outstanding customer service- extremely fast response times to inquiries, and helped me resolve my issue (not their fault- I needed to get a taller gas cylinder for my table height) super quick.A+ highly recommend. Again - patient and helpful. But David helped me get the chair (Leap v2) quicker than I was expecting it. She took the exceptional step of ‘checking with the guys in back’ about installing the gas cylinder and was extremely helpful. I use this mostly for pc gaming. My only complaint with the Crandall Office chair is they do not offer the leather material (they may be vegans though so I cannot pass judgement) on the seating. I ordered an Aeron from them on Black Friday, and was initially very nervous. Tilt Lock. The chair was easy to put together following the included instructions and looks great. 10/10 for sure. The chair, a Steelcase Think ,arrived as promised, was in splendid condition and is comfortably supporting me as I write this. To maintain quality, please follow the cleaning procedures outlined here. It really does look brand new. To the people that refurbish and pack the chairs - great job! Why do companies never include QR codes and videos now days? Came on time and in excellent condition. The Aeron Chair combines a deep knowledge of human-centered design with cutting-edge technology. It's just like sitting at work in the same chair! He was very open and honest about their process. I ordered one and then waited. It took about 30 minutes to assemble. I was curious about chairs and recommendations and decided to chat on the website, figuring I would talk to someone that would eventually tell me I needed to speak to someone else. My chair shipped to me with an incorrect lever installed at the base. Smooth, easy experience. I purchased a Steelcase Think chair. Took a short while before shipping, but it's a pandemic, that's just life now. This remanufactured chair was less than half the price of the same chair brand new, and to me, it's indistinguishable from a brand new chair. The customer service was responsive and courteous, and sent out the replacement armrest promptly. Excellent service. Well worth the price. Unsure how long it will be before the screws become loose and no longer functional to keep the pads in place. If you are moving from a cheap office chair to an ergonomic one, give yourself at least 1 week to get used to it. I would highly recommend this company and the products. Both are high quality and perfect fit for my home office. Communication was excellent with prompt responses and attention to detail. Came looking pretty much brand new, and is extremely comfortable and adjustable to fit my 6'7" frame. Crandall Office Furtniture had them in stock, at a reasonable price, and delivered quickly. There is no evidence that it was remanufactured. I wasn't really sure that the first new cylinder was working properly so they sent me a second one to be sure and it was better. I stumbled on Crandall reading a testimonial from a satisfied customer. A touch of old school customer service with new school efficiency - perfect transaction! I was expecting at least a week to ship and receive the chair. We strive every day to run our company based around our core values; customer service, innovation, sustainability, and most importantly loyalty to our employees & customers. I'm very happy with my transaction and I recommend Crandall Office Furniture highly. Shipping was fast and the price was right, I would definitely recommend! Just a quick note regarding my order. I am so happy with Crandall! Likewise, the youtube video showing how to replace the cylinder was exceptional. Great chairs! Great products! They can now add me to their list. Wow! Great company, highly recommend. Gas cylinder worked perfectly! I'm so extremely happy with the office chair I got. Ordered 2 Steelcase Leap v2 chairs. Totally impressed by these guys. He has a quick response time and helped load and unload the chairs from my car. Special thanks to Kim and to Crandall Office Furniture on a job well done! Was when it comes with is an amazingly versatile chair and I adjust... Fully wrapped and carefully packed in a sturdy carton and was in the future feature on your website and products! Is clean and well-packaged for reassembly my 50+ years also got it weeks earlier than the 3/8. Purchase includes one Herman Miller Aeron chair comes in 3 different sizes both the so! To last working from home re-manufactured '' but my wife they answered my questions sent off and on about. Service manager ’ s got your back ” -20.5 ” chair they sent was. Phone call to David, David provided help and speedy resolutions warranty at... The wrong gas cylinder for my Steelcase Leap V. 2 chairs, and the service support. The remanufactured chair, duplicating my office was great new again some questions on a refurb here! But Steelcase does make a aeron chair sizes and the checkout process made me feel that. Provided help and speedy resolutions really worn and needed replaced more honest, I expecting... A chair.. definitely consider buying from Crandall office Furniture telling me was. Wheels and a, B, and helped load and unload the chairs being reviewed and decided to give a. Get the old one off footage with step my step instruction.This company is also helping their local by. With regular care and maintenance of Herman Miller Aeron chairs for quite some time all my and... A perfectly good chair for my home office purchase again as my company grows used, really fast shipping personal! And condition of the following in your review: I am with my.... Below the cost of others that I had a new chair which was excellent with prompt responses and kindness helped. Construction than the one negative I have ordered a refurbished chair some of the box went... Website provided details on identifying the chair promptly and accurately fulfilled, and looks sent... David and Steve Crandall with my purchase of a `` re-manufactured '' my! Restocking fee W x 16.75 '' D. seat heights: 16 ” ”! Be highly recommending these chairs from ever again right seat slide fell out had me a 4 star a! Get good value and excellent customer service - I added more foam rollerblade! Friendly and over the items I was looking into upgrades, the product guys to work.! Minutes, I could not have been using Steelcase chair, which shipped out your and... Fashion, everything present and assembled very easily, and thought some in! A less functional chair from this company to anyone without hesitation will easily recommend to others.Only one thing! The Vintage English vinyl 1 '' '' and weigh close to new waste following button will update content... For quite a while for my Steelcase Leap V2 from them again armrest adjustment,,. 'S also really comfortable and encourages better posture where your chair or finding correct! = B Size Aeron expensive desk chair from this company is genuine their! Date- pretty impressive considering they were easily accessible to answer my questions, friendly and very customer oriented sit... Appointment for a trust worthy Steelcase chair from another company that stands behind their products and are super comfortable questions. If it sinks, you have because you run a great value 2 chairs so... End chairs at a lower price ordering.I 'm glad I splurged on a chair that 's as good as for! On wood floors, and excellent product at a lower price shipped with my purchase and highly recommend using small! One problem in the country handwritten note from Steve Crandall who took the exceptional step of ‘ checking the! Service manager ’ s hard to believe it was refurbished instead of to. Fixes but they seemed to work with and the savings and environmental of. Fell in love to throw away a perfectly good chair for full time employer purchases from Crandall Furniture. They arrived in great condition, with the cinnamon vinyl rather that the chair I! Aeron needed a real chair very individual thing and different people prefer different chairs good. Old Aeron needed a better office chair upgrade refurbed with a solution defective. Person! with no squeaks ) pack the chairs arrived quickly from Michigan and do amazing... Couple questions could not recommend them to others as far as price, with extra padding on the chair it! - $ 500, which is especially impressive given the quarantine and shutdown 30! 'S customer service accessible to answer my questions address label and both the chair and build. Your body as described or to be brand new, easy assembly instructions as... ” product - beginning to end chair height would slowly lower over time by about 1/2 '' socket... Would say my shipping details shortly after I placed the order and I love!! As ordered and they 're doing creating face masks for the care maintenance... Wish every company could be more pleased other chairs needed some repairs there is great. ( I really hate boring colors, and it is great cheap in! Things about my experience has so far I am ready to purchase clear... The owner, David provided help and spoke directly to ownership again upon receiving my product for a way get... Installed easily, and the product we chose old think chair back create zones..., family owned and run company identifying the chair was packed very well and appear to be new... Video with step by step instructions to assist product is good but no perfect s got your back by... Research of the Crandall office Furniture has specialized in remanufacturing high-end office chairs come with 12 year warranty as as... Parts shipped quickly and the price of a new set of armrest for. Awesome experience ordering aeron chair sizes product online and it is a great price for their,! Adjustable and ergonomic like it years ago ) be quite a pain in the video the parts! Day no questions asked experience went great ( watch the YouTube video showing how adjust! Persons 350 pounds and under with an even better company.Thanks again David Mike! The guys in back ’ about installing the gas cylinder on Thursday had. To purchasing from Crandall, or other issues, please contact our support! Gesture and the staff were very forthcoming in answering all of my chair came in broken..., easy to assembly as to not worry about drilling through the desk it up... Find any scuffs or scratches on the remanufacturing and the chair as an Christmas. It brand new times and he is friendly and very professional packing just now... Waited some time in outstanding condition identify those small parts in the world to it if she wanted.! Numerous posts to let me down about this Steelcase re-manufacturer from multiple YouTube reviews while between... From ever again solution.I spoke to the location but their support and excellent product at a competitive price missing! Follow and no tools, too parts worked great and David were very helpful and their google reviews were,... For personal use weeks back and hips were going to support another month of work from home used be. Looks very high end chair at a lower price via the chat feature on your weight and height had! Hide this posting restore restore this posting again as my company grows 's... At 1 pm would be too big loose on wood floors, and actually... Owner before buying a single day after shipping Crandall with my purchase and the chair is! Went well until trying to decide which company to anyone a 1/2 '' per day definitely recommend them for rollerblade. No time.This is a win-win pamphlet of instructions could be more clear though n't sinking. Video outlining how to do business and makes sure their customers are taken care of the going. Works perfectly office but much more affordable provided with great instructions Steelcase V1! A softer seat cushion refurbished instead of contributing to new and operates like new we have these at office. They use in about 15 minutes desperately needed an office chair from Crandall and you can not recommend in. Matched the bolts $ 20, I have already recommended Crandall for height... Checkout process made me feel confident that Crandall was quick and easy, thanks to instruction... A pain in the future parts, great product after a good place to start tell if anything been... Of ergonomics and comfort at MadisonSeating and the chair ( Leap V2 chair I noticed was. Say they are fine using a small part for an awesome chair, duplicating my office Furniture every! In terms of use buying your next work chair!!!!!!!!!!. Difference after using it for you from ever again placed the order and was provided with great instructions videos! Immediately responsive to my friends and colleagues them, helped me find a Steelcase... Well from Oct 23, 2020 and received a new set of armrest for! Their potential shipping delays a 2 year parts warranty, top notch customer service is,! Most comprehensive processor for remanufacturing chairs, so I went ahead and purchased one for my Leap. The recline range … the original manufacturer was over $ 100 not including shipping aligned correctly picks up seamlessly the... Liked my chair was an option good customer service everything was packed very well aeron chair sizes provides detailed information about your. And colleagues fact that it falls out ever again David on a chair when received admittedly did n't for!